Registration for the Illinois Travel Baseball League is officially now open at:

and will continue through February 1st, 2024.


The Illinois Travel Baseball League is home to some of the most competitive local teams in Travel Baseball!


As many of you know the Illinois Travel Baseball League was started in December 2014 by a group of volunteers who put a three year plan into place to ensure the future success of the ILTBL.  Our goal was and still is to provide full-time travel baseball teams a league that allows them to play against other local travel teams in a competitive format.


Our volunteer efforts allow us to do this at the lowest possible price point in the area while affording our members various benefits of playing in the ILTBL.  Over those past three years we have made adjustments to the league always keeping in mind fairness and the best interest of our players, coaches, and teams that make up the Illinois Travel Baseball League.




The Entrance Fee for the 2024 Season is $75.00 (Enrolled / Paid by January 1st, 2024)

Late Entrance / Late Fee for the 2024 Season is $100.00


Teams will automatically be posted within 24/48 hours to our "Look Who's Coming" page on the ILTBL Website.

Directions / Mailing Information for the league entrance fee appear on the website when registering.


The 2024 Season will begin on April 1st and division games will take place through June 30th.

This is approximately a 13 - Week Period which conveniently allows teams ample time to play their division games (less than 1 game per week) and still compete in the local tournaments hosted by our Tournament Partners and various Organizations.


Each team will be required to play at least 8-10 Division Games depending on the amount of teams that make up your division.

No division will be larger than 11 teams which means that no team will be required to play more than 10 Division Games (everyone is encouraged to schedule as many "pick-up" games to supplement their schedules as desired but only Division Games will count toward the standings)


Trophies will be awarded to the top team of each level / age group.


Rain-Outs that are not made-up and Division Game Scores that are not posted will count as a 7-7 tie score in the final the standings.

All ILTBL Games take precedent and all ILTBL Division Games must be completed by June 30, 2024.......No Exceptions!


Teams can choose what level of competition they wish to compete in:  Elite, Gold, Silver.

Teams in all Age Groups are then placed into divisions based on geographic proximity allowing for easy traveling for mid-week division games against other local competitive teams.


All 8U Teams are placed in the Gold Conference.


9U Elite Conference

Will pay Full Baseball Rules which include Stealing, Lead-Offs, Balks, and Dropped 3rd Strike.  This allows the teams that will be playing in the more competitive weekend tournaments where these rules are enforced a chance to practice and prepare as they play other local competitive teams in the Elite Conference.


Scheduling of Division Games will take place online beginning the first week in March.

Division Games and additional pick-up games can be scheduled by traditional e-mail chain requests and at the Meet-N-Greet Scheduling  / Rules Meeting in February but ALL Head Coaches are responsible for entering just their Division Games into the ILTBL Website for the Standings and Playoff Consideration.


The Meet-N-Greet Scheduling / Rules Meeting where the rules are discussed and amended in addition to the scheduling of additional pick-up and Division games will take place in mid-February when the majority of our coaches are assigned their Home Fields or Field Allocations for the 2023 Season.


Each Home Team is required to have at least 4-5 Home Field Dates or will be expected to pay the Umpire Fees for the dates they cannot host a Division Game (4-5 games).

We only require teams to play a minimum amount of Division Games (8-10) keeping in consideration convenience, busy tournament schedules, and keeping team costs and budgets to a minimum.  We ask, not require that every team does their best to split their required Division Games to an equal amount of Home and Away.  This is only fair and does not put the extra burden or costs onto the teams that have access to Field Allocations.



We encourage all of our coaches to embrace the league and to become active within the league.  Any suggestions or recommendations about the league or website are always encouraged and we will always do our best to accommodate within reason and fairness to others.


Please send any questions or recommendations to:


Chad Hase

(815) 370-8152


Thank you,

Chad Hase

The Illinois Travel Baseball League